type Ginza Style Commercial
location Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
area 12,500 sq.m.
client Choice Glory Ltd.
design 2011-2016

ARK is engaged as the design architect and interior consultant to design a 30 storey high Ginza commercial tower located in the vibrant heart of Causeway Bay Hong Kong.

Breaking away from designing a usual monolithic appearance of a high-rise, ARK articulated the building form mimicking the shape of a diamond, with an aim to design a landmark that outstands itself from the conventional. To achieve such design, the building is divided into modules. Each modules front and back facade is titled to form different angles of triangular planes. The inclined planes reflected the sunlight in different angles, and 3 types of reflectivity of glass is applied to accentuate the gloss. At night, light beams runs through perimeter of the triangular planes outlining the profile of the tower.

The interior design of buildings echoes the elegance and shimmering character of a diamond. Black mirror glass, silvery stainless steel and marble is applied throughout. Different finishing and gentle diagonal cut is applied to the same material to create triangular motif, that replayed the design technique being used in the facade design.

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