Wuhan K1
type Residential
location Wuhan, China
area 160,000 sq. m.
client Hubei Hanjiang New Century Investment Co. Ltd.
design 2015

ARK is engaged as the design architect to design the facades of a development comprising 10 residential towers with commercial podiums in Wuhan.

What should we do when we design an architecture on the river side of Wu Han. Our design team though about this question carefully. Our concept and idea came after many studies on the river culture, the site, models and sketches.

For the residential towers, the idea of movement and layers inspired by the motion of water was a basic inspiration. The residential towers are composed by a series of layered frames peeling back giving the form of the building richness. The frames rise up the building at different intervals to give the façade movement. At closer view, piano key like patterns give the building texture. The frames at the top of the building become a roof feature that is curved and echo the shape of sails formed by the wind. Together, the buildings become a dynamic picture that is a highlight to the monotony of the existing urban backdrop.

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