Kimberley Road
type Ginza Style Commercial
location Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
area 9,700 sq.m.
client Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.
design 2013; International Property Award

This mid-rise retail complex is situated in the commercial district of Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong and comprises of 9,700m2 of floor space with 13 storeys of retail and restaurant spaces. Sitting on an infill site, the building is set back at the side to create a pedestrian link to improve the existing pedestrian network and link up several adjacent buildings. The setback creates a third façade to enhance natural lighting and the three dimensionality of the form.

Intended as an iconic architecture that stands out from the surrounding dated concrete buildings, the elevation is proposed as an all glass curtain wall that takes aesthetic inspiration from the forms of glaciers. Hence the façade is faceted and set backs organically as the building rises through the floors. The façade is further overlaid with graphical layer of “ice” patterns printed onto the outside face of the glass using a matt white ceramic ink. The combination of the matt white patterns, the reflectivity of the glass and tilting façade results in a façade with a dynamic multi-dimensional effect that is ever changing through the day. At night the façade is lit with colours of the Aurora lights that changes in colour to create an urban spectacle. The entrance of the building is conceived as a “cave” without doors to blur the boundary between outside and inside.

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