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Hotel Proposal at Wanchai Tai Yun St
type Hotel
location Tai Yuen Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
design 2008

Tai Yuen street project is a design proposal for a boutique hotel for Tai Hung Fei Group. ARK’s design seeks to embrace the vibrant, cosmopolitan nature of the Wan Chai area by expressing a simple yet strong and bold design statement while opening up programmatic possibilities and providing green areas that enrich the typically inert nature of the commercial high-rise typology.

Instead of being a single disconnected slice of space between the tower volume and its podium base, the once GFA-exempted open area allowed by building regulations is conceptualized as a series of smaller sky gardens strategically placed at different floor levels to allow direct linkage to interior spaces. These sky gardens are given specific themes to enhance spatial experience of their associated programs.

Carved out by the sky garden voids, the generic building volume picks up an signature geometric silhouette. A moray pattern is proposed on its main façade to further dematerialize the tower volume, giving it a light-weight and modern appearance.

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