Ng's Residence
type Single Family House
location Sai King Village, Tai Po, Hong Kong
area 210 sq.m.
client Private Client
design 2006

The L-shaped site for this project is not typical of a Ding house, but using concepts developed in D House 1, the design again explores the relationship between public and private spaces. Making the most of the L-shaped plan, here the two zones are divided into two interlocking volumes. Again, the stairs lie at the heart of the house, but here set back against the rear wall where they do not so much connect the main living areas as act as a device to define the different zones. A partial double-height space over the living room provides a connection to the master bedroom on the top floor, while also framing the views and helping draw daylight deep into the building.

Different colours and textures on the exterior reflect the interlocking volumes within, with rhythmic punched windows to the sides and rear of the house responding to the surrounding buildings. In contrast, full-height glazing at the front of the house opens up the main living spaces and bedrooms to unobstructed views to the sea.

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