Seoul Performing Art Centre
type Performing Art Centre
location Seoul, South Korea
area 8,000 sq.m.
client Seoul Metropolitan Government
design 2005

Organised by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the brief for this international competition called for the design of a new Performing Arts Centre, to be located on a spectacular island in the Seoul river. Seizing this unique opportunity, ARK proposed that the new Centre should encompass the whole island, with both internal and external performance, activity and gallery spaces located throughout a new landscaped park. The challenge, however, was that the island was split in two by a major highway.

ARK’s solution was to create a ‘landscape web’ that flows over the whole island via new links created beneath the highway, thereby diminishing its presence. Conceived as a raised structure, the ‘web’ provides all-weather protection to key circulation routes and small activity areas, while large openings in the structure generate spaces for new outdoor venues, including a large outdoor amphitheatre. At certain points the undulating web dips down to ground level to allow access, as the name suggests, to the fully landscaped roof of the web above.

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