Z Towers
type High-Rise Residential
location Wuhan, PRC
area 90,000 sq.m.
client Wu Han Magnificent Vision Ltd.
design 2006

The Z towers are an amalgamation of residential towers next to an office development by the same developer. And while the elevation design necessarily reflects their different use, it was important that these new apartment buildings present an image of sophistication that will complement the existing offices and enhance the development as a whole.

Given that the overall massing and heights of the various buildings had already been predetermined, ARK sought to create a dynamic new urban form by adapting the strategy of ‘theme strips’ explored at Zhujiang Xinchen into a new format known as ‘dynamic strips’. Here, the apartments are uniformly single storey, so rather than having the strips run vertically the full height of the building, they overlap, zigzagging up the building to accentuate the feeling of movement. Where necessary the space between the strips is filled in with horizontal fins to create a textured background.

Meanwhile, at the lower levels, the six-storey podium is visualised as a series of double-height portal frames stacked one over the other, more in keeping with the scale of the street.

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