Emerald Green
type High-Rise Residential
location Shup Pat Heung Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
area 47,342 sq.m.
client New World Development Co. Ltd.
design 2006

Five typical residential towers tightly planned in an L-shaped configuration, the development presents itself as an impenetrable congregation walling off a corner site. Commissioned as the exterior design architect, ARK confronted the challenge of subduing the projects given massive and monolithic appearance without altering the predetermined plan.

ARK aimed to give the stagnated and indifferent towers the characteristics of a contemporary resort by expressing an interaction of scale, contrast and movement. Deployed on the facade, strips of vibrant, contrasting colors abate the colossal scale while accentuating verticality. These vertical color strips stagger up the towers, shifting position as they rise, bringing forth a seemingly delicate and animated facade. Applied on the side wall of the towers, these shifting vertical strips of color effectively create the illusion of a lighter and thinner building.

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