type Residential & Clubhouse
location Staunton Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
area 8,264 sq.m.
client Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd.
design 2006-2012

72 Staunton Street is a residential building with relatively small apartments targeted at the young expatriate community in the hip Soho area of Hong Kong. As such, its aim is to promote a brand statement of style and sophistication.

Restricted to a site width no greater than 10 metres, the resulting tower is necessarily tall and slim, and this led to a design strategy that took its cues from luxury objects of desire, such as perfume bottles or classic cigarette cases.

To maximise space, the internal planning relies on the use of multiple bay windows, not really conducive to the sleek finish ARK had in mind. To reduce their impact, therefore, the elevations have been overlaid with a series of informal grid patterns, superimposed one over the other to create a visual depth to the facades into which the bays windows dissolve. A dark background was adopted, over which the contrasting brightly coloured grids shine, giving the building a seemingly smooth facade and a strong visual impact.

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