type Low-Rise Villa
location Cape Road, Chung Hum Kok, Hong Kong
area 2,600 sq.m.
client Sinomax Development Ltd.
design 2008-2013 Authorized Person + Design Architect; International Property Award Asia Pacific Award and Five Star Award; HKIA Award Finalist

Award winning Scape development is composed of 8 individual detached houses set on a sloping site at Cape Road in Chung Hom Kok, Hong Kong, facing an uncompromising view towards St. Stephens Bay and the sea beyond.

One of the main architectural design concepts and objectives was to design a house where the interior engages with the exterior; where the interior, architecture, landscape and the spectacular scenery can merge and flow into one another. To achieve this, the lower row of houses is designed to enter on the 3rd floor so that the ground floor living rooms which reach out to the landscaped garden and swimming pool in front can be maximized. A strategy of shifting the mass, sculpting setbacks and pockets is employed to break down the vertical extruded volume which resulted from building lease site coverage constraints. The landscaped garden engages with the space distinctively carved out. The travertine patio and wooden decks in front of the living room step down to a sunken seating area and an infinity pool which connects to the sea and sky beyond.

The curtain wall and granite cladding is composed asymmetrically to create a contemporary and informal setting yet at the same time reaching a balanced connection with the exterior. Aluminum trellis and balconies extend beyond the facade to form a transitional space between the interior and exterior.

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