Prince Ritz
type High-Rise Residential
location Prince Edward Rd West, Kowloon City, Hong Kong
area 9,584 sq.m.
client New World Development Co. Ltd.
design 2006

In 2006, ARK was commissioned to design the podium facade and podium roof garden of a residential development with predetermined tower design.

The podium facade design is articulated as a series of stacked frames with the objective to emphasize and integrate variety, and to create focus and clarity. The frames assimilate advertising images and shop signage into facade design while at the same time stage visitor into focus, thus turning commercial activities into live display.

With a snaking ribbon bench that is partly furniture and partly landscape element, sculptural display, pole art features and a richly layered ceiling design, the podium garden serves not only as an outdoor recreational space for the residents, but also outdoor art gallery that promotes a unique, sophisticated lifestyle.

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