Zhujiang Xinchen
type High-Rise Residential
location Guangzhou, PRC
area 59,816 sq.m.
client Guangzhou Hengye Property Development Ltd.
design 2003

This project is an evolution of ideas first explored at Grand Promenade. There, vertical strips of colour were applied to a ‘standard’ developer’s block to create a sense of scale and movement. At Zhujiang Xinchen this has been taken one step further, by giving the apartments themselves different architectural themes and spatial configurations which, when grouped vertically over the height of the building, give the development a dynamic and distinctive appearance.

Conceptualised as ‘theme strips’, the visual and planning styles adopted for the different apartments eventually settled into three distinct types — called ‘fold’, ‘strip’ and ‘balcony’ — which, as well as giving the facades their distinctive appearance, provided the individual apartments with greater personalisation and variety, and therefore added value for the development as a whole.

From the initial masterplanning exercise, it had already been decided that three individual ‘slab’ blocks over a three-storey podium best suited the given plot ratio, with the tower blocks being given even further diversity by inserting some apartments with taller one-and-a-half storey high living rooms. Careful planning allowed these to be interlocked within three-storey sections, separated from each other at various intervals by more usual single-storey floors.

The podium levels were given their own twist, with the internal streets and atriums set diagonally to provide longer runs of uninterrupted shop windows, affording them greater exposure to passing pedestrians and traffic.

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