Yuen Long Town Hall Extension

Yuen Long, Hong Kong  |  2019

Photography by Amy K Boyd

The existing Yuen Long Town Hall, located next to the Yuen Long Sports Grounds, has been serving the local community for numerous years. In 2016, ARK was commissioned to design an extension block to cater to the needs of expanding community groups such as new immigrants, ethnic minorities, youths, and seniors. For the first time, ARK utilized our design skills in architectural and interior design to create a unique community space for the public. The new extension would house a multipurpose “Xiqu” theatre, classrooms, function rooms, and an organic roof farm.


The new extension block sits on the existing open air carpark to form a courtyard within the existing building, and create a continuous circulation loop on each floor. Prime design considerations were given to maintain natural light into the courtyard and courtyard-facing rooms by stepping back the building section profile to form a stepped, open atrium. The stepped section also creates semi outdoor spaces facing the courtyard allowing occupants to enjoy outdoor spaces. Natural ventilation for both the existing building and the new building is enhanced by forming a 2 storey opening in the elevation to initiate stack effect for natural airflow in the atrium.


The façade is designed as a composition of shifting coloured boxes in volumetric response to the classrooms and function rooms behind. The façade aims to create a dynamic composition of colours and movement, reflecting the diversity and individuality of the community groups that the building serves.