Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong | 2021

Photography by Amy K Boyd


2022  |  A&D Awards Certificate of Excellence Award in Best Residential / Housing


ARK recently completed the design of The ADDITION in Cheung Sha Wan for Henderson Property Agency Limited. Situated on 350 Un Chau Street, this multi-functional living tower settled in a well-networked society that is currently undergoing urban gentrification and attracted many young families and individuals to settle, transforming the city into a major hub of art development, start-ups, boutique and specialty coffee shops.

The residential lobby at the ground floor is designed with the concept of ‘Classic with a Twist’, which promotes contemporary living experiences. As a fusion of traditional and contemporary arts, the beauty of Eclectic Aesthetic is expressed to the fullest.

Welcomed by a glorious art lobby, residents are being brought to a highly modernized living experience. The mailbox system is unlocked by Octopus cards, bringing further convenience and sense of security to residents through exploring the usage of technology. The typical lift lobby explored the combination of retro panel lines wrapped by soft lightings, together with earth toned colours, they created a sense of comfort for the area in a stylish approach.

It is worth noting that the kitchen and bathroom in every units of apartment maximize the beauty of contemporary lifestyle with a slight touch of tradition. It reflects the pursuit of efficiency and practicality of residents by making good use of every inch of space.