Resiglow Clubhouse

Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong  |  2020

Resiglow is residential development by Kerry Properties located on Hing Hon Road near Hong Kong University. With a floor area of 6,720m2, the development comprise mainly of one bedroom and studio units. The design began with a study of the location with an aim to create a design that would have a relationship with the place and history of the surroundings. Drawing influence from the history and design of the historic colonial architecture of the Hong Kong University buildings, the design takes clues from traditional British design while fusing contemporary elements to create an eclectic experience. Thus traditional elements of wall paneling and wall dados is combines with contemporary compositions of floor patterns and furniture. The result is a rich interior experience that appeals to a well-travelled younger audience

The main lobby design emphasis the tall spatial volume with narrow proportioned traditional wood paneling. The floor pattern and counters and furniture are contemporary in design. The artwork behind the reception wall is reminiscent of a crossword puzzle, a favorite English pass time.

The clubhouse, located at the podium, comprises of a lounge, multifunction community space, a party room and a gym. The clubhouse is designed with an emphasis on axis, views and vistas. On arrival, a lobby opens onto the lounge which then opens onto the multifunction community space on an axis while creating spatial layers. The clubhouse is designed to be used with multiple spatial configurations to cater for the residents needs. The community space can be combined with the party rooms to become a bigger party space or a co-working space with a meeting room. The lounges can also be combined with the community and party space for an even bigger event space thus offering multi levels of flexibility. The overall design follows the theme of eclectic, with combination of traditional and contemporary elements.