Ontolo - Japanese Tranquility

Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong  |  2020

Photography by Amy K Boyd

This show residence is located on the waterfront of the Ontolo development facing Tolo Harbor. For this 3-bedroom apartment, the client wanted the design to reflect the homey and relaxed lifestyle that can instill peace and revitalize the occupants. In the process, we developed a design that was inspired by Japanese aesthetics of minimalism with simplicity in the use of lines, proportions and materials to create a tranquil retreat that becomes a get away from the hustle and bustle life of Hong Kong.

The master bedroom, master bathroom, walk in closet and multipurpose room is designed as one continuous space with the bathroom and walk in closet conceived as a volume and space divider. Vertical wooden slats of the volume continue to the bedroom to form a semi open enclosure around the bed to create an intimate space for sleeping. In the bedroom, elegantly proportioned paneling line the walls to give a sense of clam. Translucent blinds are used to give the room a calm, soft filtered lighting.

Overall the design in a departure from the usual overly decorative designs seen in luxury apartments in Hong Kong and redefines luxury as less is more.

The living room makes use of a single tone wood on the floor, wall as well as the ceiling to give the space an enhanced cozy and intimate feel. The wood surfaces are panelized with elegant proportions throughout reflecting the interiors of Japanese architecture. In the living space, a white sand stone wall is treated with a rough natural texture to reflect an aesthetics of contrast between the natural and the refined. Indirect lighting is use to give the space a general even soft mood.