Ontolo Clubhouse

Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong  |  2020

Photography by Amy K Boyd


2021  |  A&D Awards Best Residential / Housing - Bronze (Ontolo)

2021  |  Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards Leisure & Entertainment Space - Top 5 (Ontolo Treehouse)

Ontolo is the new flagship residential development by Great Eagle Holding Situated in Pak Shek Kok the development takes advantage of its prime waterfront location with spectacular views to Tolo Harbour.

The development comprises of 8 blocks with 68,000 sqm of residential floor area and a clubhouse of 3 000 sm ARK was commissioned to create all interior experience design for all internal areas of the development.

The development is designed with a large greens space in the center giving rise to the concept of “Living in a Park” The design aims to create homey lifestyle that is grounded in the surrounded scenery with inspiration from nature and the sea to create a modern lifestyle of understated luxury.

Arrival Experience

The clubhouse lobby is created as a series of tree like expressions and fluid lines that continue from the columns to the ceiling to give the space a strong presence as an arrival space. The counter is designed as a floating piece of stunning marble that provide a focal point The lobby is the starting point that leads visitors to other spaces and functions in the clubhouse.

Grand Stairs

The grand staircase celebrate movement from the main floor to the activity spaces and functions below. The stairs is designed to flow seamlessly from the lobby all the way to the bottom. A contemporary chandelier follows the flow of the stairs to the bottom.

Alison Pickett, the art consultant, worked closely with ARK to curate unique art pieces from various artists that articulates the theme of the development so that the art and culture became part of overall lifestyle experience.

Banquet Room

This is the formal banquet/party room within the clubhouse while the other being the casual party room. The rooms are planned with a lounge cum pre function space with a dining room with a glass show kitchen in between. The pre function space leading to the dining space passes through a feature wall with a series of candle like niches. This formal space uses darker tones of walnut, bronze with a touch of turquoise that is reminiscent of the colour of the sea. The kitchen offers an opportunity for the guest or celebrity chefs to display their culinary skills amongst friends.

Customized Entertainment

The Clubhouse was designed for every age and user group. For young adults, there is a game room with snooker and popular board games for social gatherings. In this space we created a mood akin to a bar or pub with smoky feel using aged look wood, accent colour furniture and pop art works. For music lovers, the karaoke room has the hanging speakers and lights blended into the grey tone fabric wall, together with the olive suede sofa create a subdued atmosphere.

Children Playspace

Through utilizing natural lighting, the playspace transformed into treehouses for children to freely climb up and down, play, meander, hide and slide. The rope course, linked by net footbridges, is a balance of adventure and safety. Children could express their creativity by exploring their own paths. The design departs from the common colorful typology of children playspace designs and places emphasis on the connection between human and nature.

Fitness Zone

The fitness zones comprise of a swimming pool, gym and multi-functional room. Leading to the swimming pool is a sports bar that serves the fitness zone. In the bar, a series of pendant lights which resemble water bubbles decorate the space to signify the journey to the pool. The bar is filled with casual freeform furniture behind a backdrop of floor and ceiling patterns that give a sense of movement and energy.

In the swimming pool, the ceiling pattern echo the movement of the water. Wood looking panels are used in the wall and ceiling to give the space a warm ambience and together with bifold doors, the pool is able to connect with the natural landscape setting beyond.

Public Space

Although the various functions of the clubhouse are often linked by long corridors, our design these circulations with a variety of unique experiences. Sometimes, the walls would undulate sculpturally to create a frozen movement. Sometimes, the spaces would breakout into gallery spaces, open co-work spaces, individual workspaces or intimate lounge spaces. There is never a boring moment.