Kai Tak, Hong Kong  |  2017

Residential Design
Oasis is the latest luxury development in the upcoming Kai Tak area. The overall design theme is that of a Contemporary Urban Sophistication with an easy living lifestyle. The designed is inspired by the fusion of minimalist composition and rich luxurious materials.

The designs emphasis on proportions, elegant lines and the use of contrasting materials that juxtapose polished finishes with natural looking finishes.

Oasis Show Flat
The show flat is a demonstration of sophisticated easy living and expresses a lifestyle that enjoys the fast pace city living while having a simple and relaxed attitude all at the same time. Hence “contrast” is one of the main themes that run throughout the design that influences the choice of colour, material, furniture and fabrics. In the living area, the white open kitchen cabinet contrast with the dark veined white marble look background. The white cabinet contrasts with the thin black frames of the glass wall that separates the living room with the study. At the same time, the dining area is defined with a white marble table that contrasts with dining chairs in simple elegant lines. All of this happen behind a backdrop of a decorative wall with a kinetic composition of resins in contrasting tones that reflect the dynamics of the city. 

The study, separated by a glass wall, generates a sense of space while letting more natural light in. A light colour daybed gives a feeling of relaxation that contrasts with the work desk in a darker material. In the bedroom, the walls are a play of smoky toned textures that enhances the feeling of enclosure and privacy of the space. A relief artwork, a suspended smoky glass light and subtly curve headboard give just the right accent to gives the room a sense of understated luxury.