Hotel 1936

Kowloon, Hong Kong  |  2019

Photography by Amy K Boyd


2020  |  Asia Pacific Property Award Five Stars Award

2020  |  A&D Awards Shortlisted

The site of Hotel 1936 was originally occupied by a 1930’s traditional “Tong Lau” building. Tong Laus are more than often torn down to make way for new developments with a larger gross floor area. Determined to contribute to Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, however, the developer decided to preserve as much of the existing building as possible.

To increase the floor area, a boutique hotel tower is proposed to be built on top of the existing site while the existing building frontage, verandas and part of the floors would be kept - structurally and spatially stitched with the new building. The existing façade thus becomes a mini podium which acts as the hotel entrance while maintaining a humane, traditional architectural scale in relations to the Mong Kok urban fabric.