ARK being selected as Top 5 in APIDA 2021

Top 5 in Leisure & Entertainment Space Category

We are excited to announce that our design of Children Playspace, the Ontolo Treehouse of Club ONTOLO Project in Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong is being recongized as one of the Top 5 designs in 2021 Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards under the category of Leisure & Entertainment Space.

Ontolo Treehouse is a children playspace within the clubhouse of Ontolo, a condominium complex in Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong. The challenge for this design were to create a space dedicated to children in a 2-storey volume of residential building, as well as utilizing the natural lighting while taking inspiration from the surrounding greenery, mountainous landscape and coastline.

The idea was to transform this playspace into two treehouses for children to freely climb up and down, slide, play, meander and hide. The rope course, linked by net footbridges, is a balance of adventure and safety. In the treehouse, children could express their creativity by exploring their own paths. Overall tone of design explores the use of wood colours, which contributes to the understated natural ambiance. The design departs from the common colorful typology of children playspace designs and places emphasis on the connection between human and nature.

ARK being selected as Top 5 in APIDA 2021